Design Optimization of Photonic Crystal Filter Using Moth-Flame Optimization Algorithm


  • Seyed Mohammad Mirjalili, Somayeh Davar, Nima Khodadadi, Seyedali Mirjalili

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  • 20 September 2022

PhCs are very popular optical nanostructures that can be widely found in nature (e.g., wings of butterflies) or laboratories (e.g., optical waveguides). Such multi-purpose structures are popular since the creation of a defect in the bandgap enables the manipulation of light waves. This allows crafting different devices such as optical filters, sensors, and waveguides. Usually, the whole process of designing a device, changing the parameters, and finding the best design is manual and labor-intensive. Also, the analytical relationship between the parameters of this problem and the output(s) is hard to find. Other challenges are computationally expensive simulations, large-scale designs, and the heavily constrained nature of the objective function.


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