The Hybrid Invasive Weed Optimization-Shuffled Frog-leaping Algorithm Applied to Optimal Design of Frame Structures


  • Ali Kaveh, Siamak Talatahari & Nima Khodadadi

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  • 22 August 2019

In this article, an efficient hybrid optimization algorithm based on invasive weed optimization algorithm and shuffled frog-leaping algorithm is utilized for optimum design of skeletal frame structures. The shuffled frog-leaping algorithm is a population-based cooperative search metaphor inspired by natural memetic, and the invasive weed optimization algorithm is an optimization method based on dynamic growth of weeds colony. In the proposed algorithm, shuffled frog-leaping algorithm works to find optimal solution region rapidly, and invasive weed optimization performs the global search. Different benchmark frame structures are optimized using the new hybrid algorithm. Three design examples are tested using the new method. This algorithm converges to better or at least the same solutions compared the utilized methods with a smaller number of analyses. The outcomes are compared to those obtained previously using other recently developed meta-heuristic optimization methods.


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